I know they are not to accuse if casino doesn't process a abandonment within the timeframe, but still.

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I know they are not to accuse if casino doesn't process a abandonment within the timeframe, but still. Third, their info about the casino is often wrong and doesn't match the one of the casino itself. Accordingly what does casino PR managers accomplish after a bad review?? We would like to be able to be concerned about maintaining a positive relationship with you in the future. Fourth, and a good number important, they made it so so as to Casino can reply to your analysis, but you can't reply back.

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Although we appreciate your feedback, you were barred from Silver Reef Casino at the same time as it was in the best activity of our guests and team members. That is already decieving info, as not everyone scrolls down to announce all the reviews. We are equally Salmon highest tier players and accordingly is how she she chooses en route for deal with the problem? To add together insult to injury their equally moronic head of security Gary James die out to call the police because I was trespassing—I was standing at the cashier waiting for her to accord up my vouchers and pay me my money so I told Gary he should go behind the answer and count the money out himself and go ahead and call the police because they would realize after they got here it was a waste of their time since I was simply waiting for MY Capital. Second, every casino you open, at the outset you see a list of praises The box with Player Reviews which even has a smiley attached after that all positive reviews. I for case, submited a negative review, and they responded to my post in the same manner pretending that they bidding correct it. They also make absolutely that every casino, no matter how shitty it is, always has add positive then negative things listed. Finest wishes.

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Finest wishes. Fourth, and most important, they made it so that Casino be able to reply to your review, but you can't reply back. Report response at the same time as inappropriateThank you. And there was denial way for me to show so as to my issues mentioned in the analysis still weren't resolved. Classic contra-effect.

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