Adjust a custom delivery time during which your message will send.

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Choose your audience

Advance notifications can be targeted to segments of your user base, and constant personalized for specific app users. Buyer app. Intercom makes it easy en route for create and send two versions of a message to see which is the most effective. Did this come back with your question? Your customers likely accept dozens of push notifications a calendar day, so remember to keep it abrupt, snappy and to the point. Agenda messages to send during or beyond your office hours. There are three ways you can do this: Adjust specific dates and times for your message to start and stop carriage. One-off messages will only send en route for people who match your audience filters right now.

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How to send notification to a specific user?

1. Token store

Our system needed to be flexible a sufficient amount to choose between an option en route for broadcast the notification to all applications, or to a specific application. Compound services that want to send notifications Gojek uses a micro-service architecture, anywhere the services of each of our products need to send notifications en route for our users. The result can air something like this: On each additional app install, a new token is added to the user's Mixpanel contour. Set a goal for your communication Every message you send should allow a goal, for a true amount of they're performing. Action buttons accede to users take immediate action from a notification.

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After that they need some kind of border for writing messages, targeting them after that sending them. Then, when a advance is sent targeted at this abuser, Mixpanel sends one message for all device token for the user. Agenda your message Next, you can agenda a message to send at accurately the right time. Multiple services so as to want to send notifications Gojek uses a micro-service architecture, where the services of each of our products basic to send notifications to our users.

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